Apex Legends Mobile Prime Time Update Prepares for Today’s Launch

Apex Legends Mobile launched worldwide today on both iOS and Android and to prepare for the launch, EA has launched the Prime Time patch that introduces a new, exclusive Legend, and a new arena map. There is also a new training level, an autofill function, and plenty of bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

Apex Legends Mobile Prime Time Patch notes

New Legend Fade is a military-tech hunter whose real name is Ignacio Huamaní. He and his family used to “recover” weapons and sell them to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, he got too ambitious and took on a contract that led to the death of his entire family. At the same time, his suit propelled him to an alternate dimension. Now he’s back for the Apex Games and he’s looking for redemption. His passive ability Slipstream gives him a movement speed boost at the end of a slide. His tactical ability focuses on that suit’s ability to teleport, pulling him back through another dimension to his previous location. Finally, his Phase Chamber affects everyone within its blast radius, meaning they can’t deal or receive any damage.

The new arena map is called Overflow and is named after the lava that flows in channels around the map. There are plenty of tight corners, lanes, and flanking opportunities to be had. The Advance Training Level mode will give players a chance to practice advanced techniques and weapon handling skills, while weekly challenges will offer plenty of rewards. Auto team fill will add players into Team Deathmatch games if others leave before the match has ended, while squads can now pick challenges they want to complete together for exclusive rewards from the Club Store.

There are new items in the shop, including the Season One Battle Pass that unlocks Fade at level 25, as well as new emojis. The rest of the new content can be seen in the patch notes below:

Weapons, Attachments & Gear:

  • New Weapon: 30-30 Marksman Rifle.
  • New Scope: 4x – 10x Thermal imaging Optic
  • New Gear: Heatshields
  • Replicators will now drop in random locations within the Ring

Legend Perk System:

  • New visual upgrades to the system
  • Added Legend rewards to the perk system, earn rewards by completing Legend-specific objectives
  • Added a perk planning feature to plot your next move ahead of time
  • Added a perk recommendation feature to help you get straight into the action

Weapon Changes:

Triple Take

  • Changed ammo type to energy
  • Weapon type changed to Marksman Rifle
  • Can now equip energy mags and sniper stocks

G7 Scout

  • Weapon type changed to Marksman Rifle

Volt SMG

  • Damage increased from 15 -> 17
  • Mag size increased to 35

Fully Kitted Weapons

  • Removed: Hemlok, Devotion LMG, Mozambique
  • Added: Flatline, L-Star, 30-30

Supply Drops:

  • Removed Peacekeeper
  • Added Volt SMG

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • FPS optimization pass for iPhone 13 or newer devices
  • Fixed Gibraltar’s shield bounce while aiming down sights
  • Fixed an issue with Gibraltar’s ult not behaving correctly
  • Fixed various textural issues on models
  • Fixed an issue where Pathfinder’s grappling hook would not disengage
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Pathfinder’s grapple hook to interact incorrectly with his model
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in dropships if repeatedly tapping their tactical skill
  • While active, Mirage’s decoys can now imitate Mirage’s emotes
  • Fixed an issue where some railings could not be jumped over.
  • Fixed a collision issue that caused throwables to pass through doors if another player is close colliding with it.
  • Red weapons will now automatically pick up ammunition.
  • Fixed some out of bounds areas on World’s Edge
  • Fixed an issue where nameplates would pile together while on dropship
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

In other news, Disney and Pixar announced their 27th movie, Elemental, that’s due to hit theaters next year. Elsewhere, Fall Guys will be going free-to-play next month while also launching on Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.