Quordle Answer 115: May 19, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 115 answer for May 19, 2022 has been solved. This time around, the solution is quite difficult to figure out. The top-left word as well as the lower-left word might give you some difficulty. To give you a hint, the top-left word has a repeated vowel and is the name of an animal. Do you need more help? Well, the complete solution can be found in the next section.

What is the Quordle answer 115? (May 19, 2022)

Quordle Answer 115

The Quordle answer 115 is:

  • “KOALA”
  • “BUILD”
  • “SCAMP”
  • “NOSEY”

If you’re unable to get the uncommon “K” consonant for the top-left word, it may take you a few guesses to get “KOALA.” The double “A” vowel can also trip you up. “SCAMP” might also give you some difficulty, because of the combination of rarer letters “C,” “M,” and “P.” “BUILD” and “NOSEY” on the other hand shouldn’t give you too much trouble, though the “-EY” ending in “NOSEY” could make you pause for a bit.

The general opening salvo for Quordle is to make your first two or three guesses words that cover the common consonants and all of the vowels (don’t forget the “Y”). That is because Quordle gives you three more tries than traditional Wordle, giving you more breathing room to remove as many letters as you can. Hopefully, by the fourth or fifth guess, you’ll have enough yellow and green letters to figure out at least one of the words without any additional help.

If you’re not done with your puzzle-solving after finishing Quordle 115, you can attempt to complete some practice examples on the official website. More daily puzzles are available too, though that requires moving the internal date on your device so you can trigger another puzzle. This might disrupt your records for the game, however, so it’s recommended that you play these off-date daily puzzles on a separate device or browser.

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